4 "Trump Take Aways" for Students in 2016 (post election)

Politics is a touchy subject. Many people carry opinions, but very few actually know how it works. Well, I will happily subscribe to the lesser group as well. This is not a post disregarding one candidate for another, but something to weigh some positivity back into the new president elect. 

Last week I was just a Canadian student, close to graduation, ready for the real world. This week however, I am a Canadian Student, close to graduation, questionably ready to see what the world will become. Tuesday night, November 8th my newsfeed and phone blew up in complete shock. The election results stunned many, including myself, but after a week of reflection I have come to make a small list of things, as students in 2016, we must take away from such a pivotal event that will most certainly go down in history as "The Most Pivotal Moment in Modern Politics".

We've been Trumped

We've been Trumped

  1. Emotional Intelligence was the winner: 

Marketing is an art form of having a solid understanding of self and others. A high emotional intelligence is a must-have within the profession. An undeniable role of a marketer is to understand exactly what the people want & later give it to them. It was no different here for the 2016 U.S. elections. 

Trump knew who his dedicated people were. He knew the direction in which a vast number of the population wanted to go and he said he would bring them there. (ie: Coal, Manufacturing, anti-climate, etc.)  

2. Diligence is key:

The Donald has publicly implied his run for presidency since 1987. That means he's spewed into the minds of many, for years as a potential candidate. At some points in 2012, his name had been synonymous with "running for president". 

Consistent teasers have drawn a plethora of "deplorables"(Hillary's quote not mine) or "unpollables" to the election booths created a tsunami of emotions post election. 

3. Confidence over Correctness:

Over debate, as we would like to think that fact-checking is considerably important to us. I would also like to think that most of my readers would agree; that said, you would only be half right according to the election results. There's no doubt Trump has added fuel to flames with his derogatory statements, or downright idiotic viewpoints. However, regardless of where you stand on some spicy issues, his confidence would either sadden, anger or excite you and that will win people over.

If you're in High School, you might notice that the more confident you are the more attention and attraction you receive. Good or bad, it's really no different at any later point in life and Trump is a prime example of that. 

4. Sound Bites WIN:

How many memes can you make of Trump's comments?
How much TV air-time did Trump get over Hillary?
How many times were you caught talking about Trump to others?

Regardless if it's negative, Trump was forever engraved in our minds and he had a message. Parts of his message were racist, sexist, etc... but what was Hillary's?

This was mentioned to me for the first time during the final moments of the election night, but it's very true. Hillary Clinton's message was not innovative, new or told enough. Instead, the sound bites I do remember of her campaign were direct attacks against Trump. Trump on the other hand at least had something new to offer. Not saying I would vote for a lot of the "new" he proposed, but thankfully I'm Canadian and had the chance to vote for a young man with viewpoints a lot of Canadians apparently cried out for.