20 songs that are sure to bring back memories as a 80's & 90's kid.

I remember saving up my loonies and toonies to order a radio pen from the scholastic magazine we received a week prior to the book fair. Then listening to these songs as I played Spyro - year of the dragon on my PS1 below my bunk bed

When a Russian Band made it in North America 15 years ago

Suggested by a Bermudian. So you know you've made it when it gets to that 90's party scene!

Let's start it off with a bang

The Kasum Remix of this is UNREAL... make sure to check that one out too

Already 9 years old! Damn Sean what happened? 

When you don't know the lyrics, but love the song all the same

2016 party trick idea - Who can still rap this?

Probably should have been called "Danny Boy"

I was definitely rocking to this song in the back of a Buick Roadmaster when this was first released 

HUGE throwback... I remember this being a guilty pleasure...

As if this released 13 years ago...

And this one was 15 years ago... Bahhh

This song STILL comes up in conversation... Oh - a free beer to anyone who can sing the lyrics from 0:42 - 1:02 

And this one can still be actively found in my gym playlist

This song still shuts down the clubs... Even 17 years later... Feel old yet? 

If you're Canadian, you knew when this guitar riff started all the boys were about wrap themselves around you in excitement 

Some YouTube comment nailed it "The type of song that you would hear at a stereotypical college kid pool party 15 years ago."

How could I not with a nostalgic post like this... 

My local ski lodge used to play this song on repeat for hours. My theory as to why now has concluded with this: They were prepping us for pain for after we would fall to later find our skis scattered at an embarrassing distance apart from each other which meant we had to go on a hunt in our pointed skiboots running across the hill dodging suicidal "Sonic" wannabees. 

Ending with a Canadian classic. They later p/o'ed just about every fan with the lack of diversity in their songs, but HEY! this one was released in 2001, so it's a Nickleback classic.