Do you have $1,000 to buy this Car?

Granted - You'll have to wait 2 years and pay another $34,000 USD, but read below why this is such a big deal in industrial history. 

It's currently 3:13 am on a Friday morning and I am geeking out on in support of both an amazing entrepreneur and amazing company. 

Because I thought about writing this post, it enabled me to write about my experience of watching a 25 minute promo video of the hottest car in the history of cars (my opinion) and share with you why I think it is something that you should be excited about, even if you're NOT a car person. 

First off - this car is fully electric! Not electric like your grandma's Prius Hybrid. I'm talking - plug it into the wall underneath the socket you plug your toaster and never pump gas again.

The Specs That Matter

  1. 0-100 km/h in less than 6 seconds - faster than a Ford Mustang V6
  2. Windshield to trunk glass roof for full visibility
  3. You can fit your 7 foot long Surfboard in it
  4. 15 inch landscape touchscreen
  5. Almost 350 km's of battery range
  6. It makes no sound when you turn it on or drive it
  7. Because it's battery powered, the torque to the tires take as much time as flicking a lightswitch
  8. Comes with Autopilot Hardware - so you snapchat as you drive
  9. Down payment costs just $1,000, but there are currently 135,000+ on reservation.

 Production starts in 2017, more than 18 months from now at a very affordable price of $35,000

PS - At the event, Musk announced that the company will release their very first autonomous car in 2019... So that could be happening in our lifetime.