Life is only about 3 things

If you believe in the quality of simplicity, then your life should follow suit. If you focus on these three points within your everyday life, I believe you could have it like any Disney character (exclude Miley, include Mickey)

1.  Happiness

2.  Health

3.  Success


The word "Happiness" has to have one of the most vague meanings. Sure, Google will help out and suggest it is "a state of being happy", but then what is "being happy"... Probably lots of different things to different people. Although, one thing stays true. Life is only about 3 things.

According to a Harvard Psychology Study, here are some key points regarding happiness: 

  1. Genes and upbringing influence about 50% of our personal happiness
  2. Income and Environment affect only about 10 percent
  3. People in healthy steady relationships are generally happier than singles
  4. Women tend to experience their all-time lowest life satisfaction at age 37, whereas men typically experience this at 42
  5. The remaining 40% is accounted for by our outlook and activities, including 
  • relationships
  • friendships
  • jobs
  • engagement in the community
  • involvement in sports and hobbies

Happiness is extremely situational. That is the beauty of being human. Life/Happiness is simply a long movie plot with tall mountains and deep valleys of emotions.

Some make the decision to stop feeling all together in order to not be hurt. But months ago I saw a video parallel to this exact line of learnings and it turned out to play a large role within the development of my life. So, here I am to serve:


Go to the Gym, Eat clean, use up your insurance coverage. 

If you have parents (or are) 50 years or older, then you've started to realize how important health really is. I for one can see huge dividend pay off from those who attend the gym with me in comparison to those who set their priorities elsewhere. Aside from gymifying yourself, a clean diet is crucial. Now, I'm no dietitian, but if you're eating McDonald's everyday, you better pray to god (or evolution) you've been graced with incredible genes. It would also be suggested that you double up on your fiber intake while on a McDonald's diet, that shit is as close to gastrointestinal poison as it gets. 


On a more deep methodical note, success is a word that describes end happiness. Will you be happy with your life story if you were to die right now? 

For some, success means wealth. For others, success means how others talk of them to others. But, in the end, I think the simplest form and the best way I can describe ultimate success is if you are personally content with where your life is if you were to die today.   


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