How University is raising your debt but not your hopes

If you've looked at your bank account like this recently, you're probably a student just like me. 

Okay - here's the deal - I will only say this once which means you will only have to read it once. It's going to be hard knowledge to swallow, so I suggest you take a shot and sit down.  

Now that you have a light buzz on let me enlighten you on where we're at with our education. 

A University Undergraduate degree in Arts or Business is now the equivalent of a High School diploma from 50 years ago. If you think I'm out of my mind then look around... Most of the people you know probably have university degrees or are working towards them. So, what makes you think that your piece of paper at the end of your term is of more value to that of your neighbors. 

In 1970, only 26 percent of middle-class workers had any kind of education beyond high school. Today, nearly 60 percent of all jobs in the U.S. economy require higher education.
— American Public Media

One reason why we find ourselves in an awkward stage between education and employment is based on the correlation between true value (to improve life)  &  the true price tag. The relation between the two seem to be heavily one sided where some of us almost feel cheated. This means we are in a very real "Transition Period". 

Ever wonder how someone like Bernie Sanders can pitch the idea of the federal state paying for FREE University Education and not get punched in the esophagus?

That would be due to the truths of the value of this current system. This "Transition Period" that I continue to mention will someday look like FREE UNIVERSITY EDUCATION... you may ask "why would they give it away for free, when I worked so hard to pay it off?" Let's move on.

- Think of free university this way -

Just a little more than a hundred years ago, light-bulbs used to be a hot item. They used to only sell to the most fortunate households. They also used to sell at a premium price of $25-$35/bulb. In 2016, light-bulbs of much better quality sell for a dollar if not given for free by your provincial government. Granted, it is part of an ecological action plan, but in the 1890's people would dream of receiving free light-bulbs. This is all because a light-bulb just a 100+ years ago changed lives for the better - it had a positive perceived value ratio. Now, we receive them for free, because they are expected and everyone has them. Their value hardly has a price tag anymore.

Can we say this about our University Education Today? 

My two cents is to choose anything in your undergrad that you enjoy. It really won't matter what you took once you're out as long as you've finished. What will matter is how you present yourself, understanding your value to a company and having the ability to capitalize on problems. 

Hey! Thanks for sticking in there until the end. Here's a small gift of sunshine for you to reflect on - Remember when I mentioned the disparity between education and jobs. Well... GOOD NEWS... the baby boomers (those gray hairs with big brains that have all the jobs) are all changing their address to heaven or retiring soon, so there's still some light ahead.  We all have the same outcome. It's what you decide to do with it that matters.