Graduating : Some News

I'm a fellow for Venture for Canada

It's with great pleasure that I can officially share the news that I have accepted my offer to join as a 2017 VFC fellow for the Nova Scotia cohort. Ultimately, this means starting sometime in the next six months I will be working with some of the nation's top performing startup(s) in Nova Scotia on a minimum contract of 24 months. As a requirement of becoming a fellow, I have been studying in Ontario for the past month on personal development, coding, design and ultimately how to become a stronger employee and entrepreneur. 

I share this news as a reminder to others like me that there are amazing opportunities out there for students with passions outside of school. For many of us, we share this desire to leave the traditional field of higher education and pursue a life in "Gary Vaynerchuck utopia" & trust me I've been there. That said, simply put, school can offer you 4 years that society has deemed acceptable for one to develop themselves into a respectful contributor to society. It's a hall pass to have fun, be young, learn a lot about yourself and do all that without hurting your workplace before becoming an adult. 

Now that I'm officially graduating I can finally share this message... If you're a student but have side hustles or passions outside of school, always finish what you've started, own the occupation of "student" and milk it to your best ability. 

Apply to: 

Things that don't hurt your application process:

  • Don't be a d*ck - Value others at par with yourself. The majority aren't doing this, so you'll be admired.

  • Be yourself - We're hard to accept ourselves because we're different. Diversity is valuable, do not conform to others, but build the best version of you.

  • Know yourself - What are your personal values, strengths & more importantly, weaknesses

  • Get some sleep or fake it - self-explanatory

Lastly, it's okay to feel lost. Just stick your course, learn as much as possible and add as much as you can to your resume while you have the energy and time as a student.